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Umbria is one of the most beautiful regions in central Italy. South from Florence, north from Rome, it is often referred to as 'Italy's green heart', for it is the geographic center of the county.  

it's lovely countryside and rolling sea of valleys and rolling hills are totally land-locked between the regions of Tuscany, Lazio and Marche .  Italy's capital city, Rome, is less than one hour and twenty minutes from Umbria's border, yet this region is a world away and with a very distinct identity, language and history.   Whether you are visiting for the first time, or a veteran traveler to Italy and this region, Umbria never ceases to leave the traveler in awe.  

It is remarkable for it's beautiful landscapes, wonderful wineries, unique food and of many medieval towns, which are all uniquely magical with special qualities authors, including some of the most famous like St. Francis of Assisi himself, stared writing about over 6 centuries ago.

Pictures and words however can only do this region so much justice!  This is a region which you have to see to believe and travel to, to experience!  For over 20 years, some members of our family have been based in the region close to Assisi and Gualdo Tadino, so we know the territory well and we encourage you to check out many of the towns and villages we have photographed and written about.  However, we do encourage you to get in touch and get some expert first hand advice for what you can find in Umbria and hopefully plan a trip with local experts! 

Check out some of our unique offerings below for a few ideas to get you thinking and hopefully dreaming!   


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