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Gualdo Cattaneo in Umbria, Italy


Cities and Towns in Umbria

Umbria is one of the most remarkably natural beautiful regions in Italy.  Located in the very centre of  Italy, it is approximately 1 hour north of Rome and 1 hour south of Florence.  It borders the regions of Lazio, Tuscany and Le Marche, making it an ideal region to base oneself for a holiday and enjoy day trips.  This region is also becoming a favorite holiday spot for visitors to Italy because it is remarkably less expensive than Tuscany and offers considerable more value for money, since Umbria is less of a touristic destination than Tuscany and in this sense we believe in some ways Umbria offers more value for money since the prices in Umbria are still very reasonable compared to Tuscany, its more frequently visited neighbor to the north.  

Assisi is perhaps the town most famous in Umbria, for it is where St. Francis of Assisi lived and one of the regions most important cathedrals and the Duomo of San Francesco is located there.  

The town, like many in the Umbria region is located overlooking a sea of green countryside dotted with vineyards, olive groves and farms. 

This patchwork quilt of green countryside, the lush valleys between high hills make for naturally beautiful geography, some of the most pristine and dramatic in Italy.  

Perugia, is the capital of the region and is home to one of Italy's largest Universities for foreign students called 'Universita' per Stranieri' and is located about 30 minutes north of Assisi.

Great places for making a holiday in Umbria include:

Lago Trasimeno
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Assisi, Cortona and Perugia: From Siena

From a religious pilgrimage site to a famous film setting: join our tour through the rolling green hills of Tuscany and Umbria and discover the artistic jewels of ASSISI and CORTONA. Assisi, San Francesco’s birthplace, stands on the top of a hill overlooking a picturesque valley surrounded by gentle slopes and vineyards.


Full Day Tour of Assisi from Rome

This is a great way to experience the gorgeous and remarkable town of Assisi, the town St. Francis made so famous from Rome and discover the real Italy. Departing early from Rome we depart north through the Lazio region driving along the Tiber Valley into the region of Umbria where small towns and cities dot the valley and the high hills.


Civita di Bagnoreggio and Orvieto from either Florence or Rome

This is a wonderful tour for those to consider who want to go from Rome to Florence or vice versa. With stops en-route in 2 incredible towns, Civita di Bagnoreggion and Orvieto, the tour is a convenient way to see some of Italy's most ancient Etruscan settlements and enjoy wonderful photo opportunities with an English speaking driver guide who can show you the best of the area in comfort and style.


Eco-Tours & Visits to Europe's Second Highest Waterfall Le Cascate Delle Marmore and Experience Italy's Most Incredible Natural Paradise

The Marmore waterfalls are located in the region of Umbria. This is Europes' second tallest waterfall and a place not to be missed when visiting this remarkable region. The falls themselves are a beautiful site to behold and for visitors here who are nature enthusiasts and nothing beats hiking from top to bottom or bottom to top! Not only will you discover a remarkable number of plants, but also a unique species of birds who live in the area.


Private and Small Group Tours in the Umbria Region of Italy

South from Florence, north from Rome, Umbria is Italy's green heart & the geographic centre of the country. A long way from either coast, what is to be enjoyed in Umbria is the rolling sea of green. Whether you are visiting for the first time, or are a veteran to the hearty province, Umbria never ceases to leave a traveller in awe.


Bella Toscana

This small group tour of Tuscany, which departs from Rome offers guests incredible sights in Italy's central regions and the art capital of Florence. On this tour we enjoy the Chianti Hamlets, the glories of Southern Tuscany and even some of the towns which border Tuscany's border in the region of Umbria.


Ideal Classic Tour - From Rome

Journey through Italy's Art cities and then up into the fantastic Lakes district, before heading back south through Milan to Rome. Enjoy scenic drives along the beautiful Autostrada del Sole, the Tuscan countryside, and the medieval towns of the Emilia Romagna region, land of world famous “prosciutto” and parmesan cheese. Also enjoy the Veneto region, world famous for its Villa of Palladio, and of course the Italian Alps.


Italian Indulgence - From Milan

Travel, live and eat as the locals do in this 8 day luxury small-group journey which features Venice, Milan, Verona, the Lakes District, Florence, Pisa,Rome and more! Features superior 4* boutique hotels and special gourmet dinners throughout.


Italian Indulgence - From Rome

Travel, live and eat as the locals do in this 6 day luxury small-group journey which features Assisi, Venice, Milan, Verona, the Lakes District, Florence, Pisa and more! Features superior 4* boutique hotels and special gourmet dinners throughout.


Italian Indulgence - From Venice

Travel, live and eat as the locals do in this 8 day luxury small-group journey which features Venice, Milan, Verona, the Lakes District, Florence, Pisa,Rome and more! Features superior 4* boutique hotels and special gourmet dinners throughout.


Italy's Renaissance Cities from Rome 4 Day Package

Our tour of Italy's Renaissance cities runs from April until October and departs every Monday from Rome. It's a wonderful option for those who are wanting to experience Italy's renaissance capitals including Florence and Venice as well as some of the other smaller treasures including Assisi, Padua and the Tuscan countryside. The tour departs and ends in Rome, meaning that all of your transportation requirements on this tour are well looked after as well as your entrance fees, guided tours and hotels in excellent locations.


The Best of Italy from Rome

This five day package is an astonishing journey through Italy's Art Cities, starting in Rome and finishing in Venice. Enjoy also scenic drives through the beautiful Autostrada del Sole, the Tuscan countryside and through and medieval towns in the Emilia Romagna region, a land of world famous “prosciutto” and parmesan cheese. See also the Veneto region, world famous for its Villa of Palladio.


Tuscany & Umbria: Exclusive Small Group Tour Including Florence

This deluxe small group tour through Tuscany and Umbria offers our guests the possibility to experience two of Italy's most beautiful wine regions as well as Florence. There are many highlights on this tour including a private cooking class with a local Tuscan Chef as well as dinner at a farm in the heart of Chianti wine territory.


Hotel Palazzo Piccolomini Orvieto, Umbria

The Hotel Palazzo Piccolomini is lovingly restored ancient palace that was the home of Pope Enea Silvio PIccolomini, Papa Pio II created for the pontifical family Piccolomini at the end of the 16th century. Today, the ancient palace welcomes visitors to Umbria in a refined and tasteful setting in the heart of the ancient town of Orvieto.

Palazzo Bontadosi Hotel&Spa Montefalco

Palazzo Bontadosi Hotel & Spa is a magical combination of elegance, creativity, art de vivre and capacity to travel through time in a new way. The art of hospitality finds new solutions, whispered by the ancient renaissance walls of the palace, reread by the furnishings marked with the most sophisticated modern design. This perfect melange between history and the future is the distinctive note of

Villa Guardea - A Private Villa Option - Wonderful for Families and Friends in Umbria, Italy

The Villa Guardea is a gorgeous villa located in the region of Umbria near the quaint village of Guardea, from where the property takes its name. This property is a wonderful villa for families and groups of friends looking to experience one of Italy's most beautiful and authentic regions - Umbria. One of the finest villas in the area we know, Italy's green heart is best explored from this unique

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