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Beautiful Flower Lined Streets of Spello


Cities and Towns in Umbria

Spello is a town located on the hills of Umbria in the center of Italy. Just six miles south of Assisi, this town is much less touristy than the nearby towns to its north. Spello will give your legs a nice workout. Via Consolare goes from the bottom to the top of the town. Views from the terrace of the II Trombone restaurant will leave you speechless. This picturesque town has bastions and gateways that bear witness to its past as a Roman settlement. The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore has the Baglioni Chapel with breathtaking frescoes. By the alter are frescoes by Perugino. Nearby, in the Church of Sant'Andrea, built in 1025, is a painting by Pinturicchio and a crucifix attributed to Giotto. At the base of town Roman mosaics were discovered in 2005. In the springtime for the Infiorate del Corpus Domini, inhabitants paint images on the streets with flower petals.