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Since 2005, we have been guiding and hosting active travel vacations in Italy.
From the height of the Italian Alps and incredible Dolomite mountain ranges in the north, to the vineyards and incredible Mediterranean coastlines and islands, Italy is as much a natural paradise as it is artistic and cultural.

Active traveler's have the special advantage of being able to savour some of the country's untouched natural gems, and enjoying the incredible pizza, pasta, gelato and wine without any guilt. As we cycle or walk along Italy's backroads and trails away from traffic and crowds, you will visit some of our top wineries, restaurants and olive farms where you will meet many top local producers and taste some of Italy's most extraordinary local flavours.

Because of our deep roots here in Italy, with two decades guiding and leading tours, we will welcome you as an honoured guest and hope you will share in our passion for experiencing the truly awesome and divine! Throughout our journey, with your endorphins surging along some of our incredible routes, we will awaken your senses as we cruise some of our very best handpicked routes all over the country! Off the beaten path, you will discover the heart and soul of Italy, while you enjoy luxurious accommodations, enjoy surprising encounters and experience Italy in its truly natural glory. Andiamo! Let's go!

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