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Travel for Women by Women

Our tours and travel for women in Italy and the Mediterranean have been created for women looking to enjoy not only safe and comfortable travel, but are designed to explore issues and topics relevant to women both throughout history and in our contemporary society. 

Although we can customize any holiday for women based on individual needs, we also run some programs that are designed specifically for eomwn. 

Our programs start in September 2017 and run year-round, exploring topics such as Women as Artists and the Female Figure in Art, Women's roles in Greco-Roman Culture & Etruscan Society, The Shift from Equality in the Ancient World to Oppression in the Middle Ages,  Women as Politicians in Etruscan and Egyptian Society, Women and the Catholic Church,  The Goddess as a Sacred Figure.

Our courses and tours designed for women by women take place in our "moving classrooms" and on our various estates and properties throughout Italy and the Meditteranean which allow for complete tranquility and connection to the environment.  

They are unique educational opportunities as well as guided experiences by professionals who can help women to explore their own limiting beliefs that may be hindering artistic and entrepreneurial explorations as well as relationships and self-growth.  They are also opportunities for women to connect with other women and communities, for we feel that our collective voices are needed more than ever, and raising them against abuse against women is still needed. And becoming so free and liberated in your desires, unleashing your authentic voice, and coming together in support of women can become the greatest act of defiance against a well-oiled machine that seems so intent on suppressing and abusing the women of our world.

When we connect with each other, when we explore these issues together and inspire each other, lasting and positive change for the world is possible.  

Because the war against women is really the war against the feminine  - in all of us. It is the fear of the feminine that has continued to drive religion in punishing women (and men) for exploring sexuality in all of it’s many flavors, in the control of women’s reproductive rights, in the proliferation of porn, the lack of education in our schools and communities around communication and consent, the lack of true and authentic intimacy that can only come from a place of honoring the divine feminine." - Phonex Muranetz 

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The trip was great we appreciate all the hard work you and your team invested to make our experience a once in a lifetime trip. We appreciate all the attention to the details in particular Giuseppe spending the time and the focus with us on the road and as we were exploring your great country.
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