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Sailboats in a Beautiful Bay, Paxos Island, Greece


Democracy and mathematics. Medicine and literature. Theater and astronomy. Mythology and philosophy. All of these, and more, were first thought up by the Greeks.  A fascinating country to visit for so many reasons, Greece offers sunshine, seafood and 6000 islands, white washed houses with bright blue shutters and a relaxed lifestyle.  

As the cradle of Western civilization, it has some of the world's greatest ancient monuments.  As a late bloomer in the modern age, it also retains echoes of a simpler, time-passed world. Contemporary Greece has one of Europe's fastest changing cultural landscapes. 

The ancient Greeks- who first reached their apex in the city of Athens have had an unmatched impact on European and American culture. 

For many travellers coming to Athens is like a pilgrimage to the cradle of civilization.  Greece is the place that birthed the Olympics, the tall tale of Achilles, Odysseus, and the Trojan War, the rational philosophies of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle; democracy, theater, mathematics... and the gyros sandwiches! :) 

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