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Lavender Farms in Calabria Italy

Lavender Fields of the Parco Pollino National Park at Morano Calabro

Cities and Towns in Calabria

Calabria is home to some some incredible natural landscapes and the Lavender Fields located inside the Pollino national park are no exception.  During the summer months visiting these gardens inside the park can make for some incredible photo opportunities as we believe we captured, though visiting is stimulating for all of the senses not just the eyes.

Lavender is a plant native to North Africa and the southern Mediterranean.  Italy and France in Europe are some of the largest producers of the herb though other counties like Croatia and many others also produce the herb for its medicinal properties which are widely known to assist in a variety of ways, including with: Anxiety, fungal infections, respiratory issues, wounds, lowering blood pressure levels and many others.  It also helps as a natural disinfectant, cleaning aid and is used in many topical cosmetics.    

Visiting the park inside the national Pollino park in Calabria is not an area accessible by public transit and so driving here is a necessity and we do recommend coming with an English speaking driver guide who can take you around to some of the very interesting towns and cities like Morano Calabro and Mormanno which are outstandingly beautiful  within this valley of the Pollino national park, where you can also experience numerous organic cheese factories, wineries and rich agricultural production which is totally organic.  Interacting with producers is a challenge since for the most part in this region, many Calabresi do not speak English. Having a guide is really worth it.

Not only this, although visiting the fields of lavender themselves are free, they are located down some narrow back roads and the shop that sells the natural oils and a variety of different products like candles, honey, jams, soaps and other wonderful items is only open in the morning and the afternoon in the summer months they do not open until after 15:30 PM and so you have to plan your day accordingly.

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