Private Drivers & Guides in Italy

Our Driving Services in Italy:
  • We are a professional team of English speaking drivers and guides all over Italy.   Our vehicles are fully insured and we have the licenses necessary to enter the city centers of Italy which are closed to the genera public.  We offer multiple transfers all over Italy and assist in putting together the best transportation routes as part of a customized itinerary for individuals and groups.  Refer to our transportation page for more information about the various types of transportation options we offer in Italy.  
  • Private city and regional driving tours, with knowledgeable English-speaking driver-guides
  • Private tours with professional drivers + registered tour guides + VIP skip the line tickets for sites and museums all over Italy.   Since many sites in Italy including Vatican City, Pompeii, the Last Supper and many others have huge lines if you don't book the VIP skip the line tickets, we can often get the tickets you need that will allow you to experience these attractions with comfort and ease.  We coordinate with our guides and drivers to make sure you don't loose time or get lost, which will save you time and money! 

Why hire a private driver?

Driving in Italy will give you the freedom to visit places that can't be accessed by public transport, but there are many reasons you wouldn't want to drive here yourself:
  • Local driving can be challenging for non-locals, and some places are definitely much more dangerous than others.  Italians can be aggressive and impatient behind the wheel, which our professional drivers are unfazed by.
  • Driving in most historic town centers is limited these days.  With a rental car, you would have to park outside the center and walk in.  Professional drivers can take you into the heart of the city, drop you off and pick you up again when you are ready to leave.
  • Roads weren't designed for modern tourism so you can spend a lot of time in traffic, which can be stressed.  From the comfort of the backseat, you can enjoy the view and allow your driver to navigate the best route to your destination.
  • Italy is renowned for its wine and wine tasting is one of our most popular tours.  With a driver, you won't have to worry about exceeding the 1 glass limit, or Italy's zero-tolerance policy for those who do drink and drive.


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