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Private Drivers & Guides in Italy

Italy Vacation Specialists offers private driving and guide service in every region throughout Italy, which is one of the most challenging countries in the world in terms of driving and parking and there are many areas in Italy where we absolutely do not recommend you drive yourself unless you know the area well.  

Areas to Avoid Driving in Italy Include:
Part of the reason we do not recommend you driving in these areas is because of the extremely hazerdous roads in areas like the Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast, but it is not only this - the parking in these places is virtually non-existent and can end up costing hundreds of Euros.  The same is true for Florence, Venice and Rome. Obviously, Venice the island city iteslf does not allow for cars - but even going there and parking is extremely expensive, so we do not recommend you brining a car there.  As for Rome, the eternal city, there is a labrynth of streets, the road-system itself is very complicated and parking extremely expensive and like in Florence, the city has many areas in the historical center which are open to local traffic only.  

We operate tours in all of these areas and provide driving services in every region throughout Itlay.  Our drivers and guides know the territories that they operate in, since most have grown up and lived there their entire life.  Not only will they allow you to enjoy the destinations themselves at ease, but they can also show you areas of these cities and destinations you probably wouldn't ever see on your own accord.  
Furthermore, our drivers are not only licensed chauffeurs, they are tourism professionals who are prepared to act as your interpreter, on-site concierge, shopping consultant and "Maitre-D".   They will make recommendations on the best sites to see, give information on how to best manage your time where tours are concerned, and even help if you would like to make short-term changes due to your preferences.

Our driver guides are knowledgeable and fully trained; to ensure that you have a great experience that you will never forget. They will be able to provide advice on which restaurants to visit, and the best landmarks and activities in the area. Their sole goal is to ensure that your expectations are exceeded in every way possible. Whether you want fun, excitement, great tasting food, shopping time at the best stores and markets, or want to discover the landscapes, sites, and culture of Italy, they will ensure that you get everything you want and more. 
When you are assigned a driver guide for your tour, they will always be at your disposal during designated times. Although they are similar to a chauffeur, a driver guide will actually park the vehicle and leave it if the need arises, so they can give you personalized tours, introduce area sites and attractions, and give any further assistance that is needed.
Many clients feel that having a driver guide is absolutely essential, because they have an enjoyable experience when someone knowledgeable is guiding them through everything that Italy has to offer.
Driver guides do not take clients inside churches, archaeological sites, or museums. This is the role of a local guide and must be booked separately.
Contact us today for any questions or inquiries you may have. Our tour agents will be pleased to provide you assistance.


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The trip was great we appreciate all the hard work you and your team invested to make our experience a once in a lifetime trip. We appreciate all the attention to the details in particular Giuseppe spending the time and the focus with us on the road and as we were exploring your great country.
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