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Experience Spectacular Gardens of Ravello
Gardens of Ravello, Amalfi Coast
Nothing More Spectacular.... View from The Gardens - Inside Ravello Gardens


Cities and Towns in Amalfi Coast

Located on Italy's Amalfi Coast, south of the town of Amalfi itself, the town of Ravello is located in the mountains at a precarious position between the Valley of the Dragon and the Valley of the Queen - in Italian these two valleys are called  'Valle del Dragone & Valle della Regina).  On our hiking expeditions we venture between both of them on what is known as the Path of the Gods.  

It's a sublime place and this is a town you do not want to miss when visiting the Amalfi Coast.  Not only for the incredible views and the gardens, but because of the fact there is a lot happening in this place.  It's active. Living and thriving because of artistic contribution.  Quite literally, Ravello is a  slice of heaven on earth.  

To get here, you have to drive from the coast below, along a very narrow, though incredibly beautiful road, which twists up from the coast into the mountains,  The road is so narrow at some junctures that two cars at one time cannot pass and people coming here will have to take their time making their way up to this incredibly beautiful town, unlike any other in Italy.  

Without question, the drive is 'hair-raising', but well worth it for travelers who want that 'WOW' experience.  Ravello is outstandingly beautiful and throughout history has drawn numerous composers, writers, poets and artists.  Some of the biggest names who have come to stay and live in Ravello have included the composer Richard Wagner and the poet W.H. Auden among dozens of others.  

For those who appreciate art, literature, music and silence, Ravello is a town you should not miss visiting during your time on the Amalfi Coast.  

The incredible wealth of art located throughout the town is preserved in numerous ecclesiastical buildings such as the Cathedral of St Pantaleone, Patron saint of the town, a building which is striking because of its marble work; the adjacent bell tower, the Church of St Martino, the Church of St Angelo and the Church of St Giovanni del Toro.
The heart of Ravello is the Piazza Vescovado, with the Castle ruins, the Cathedral and Palazzo Rufolo. Villa Rufolo should not be missed, a building which is home to much of the art of Ravello and surrounded by splendid gardens, where numerous musical and cultural events are held. Villa Cimbrone is also well worth a visit.
Have a look inside the Villa Cimbrone gardens and infinity terrace on our You Tube Channel here:




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Cities and Towns in Amalfi Coast

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