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The Incredible Island of Sardegna - Italy
Clearest Waters in the Mediterranean
Beautiful Sea view of Sardegna Italy


Cities and Towns in Sardegna

The island of Sardegna is a wild and beautiful place.  Geographically and politically it is considered to be part of the country of Italy, however the islanders - the people of Sardegna (Sardinia - as you may call it) consider this place to be a totally unique country - from Italy, Spain, France and Portugal and although they are on a map - dead centre between all of these countries, primarily  they speak Italian here and seem to have resentments towars just about every culture outside who is wanting to impmose on them - so don't and everyone will be happy.!  :

Th Sardinians have their own language - their own culture and their own traditions.
When visiting here, unlike other regions in Italy you may need a hand and we are happy to provide one, however keep in mind that visiting this area of Italy is not advisable during the moths of August under any circumstances.  We will explain why...and we hope if you are reading this you will get in touch and allow us to help you. 
The inland is characterized by wild mountain areas and wide green valleys covered with shrubs, spots of grassy land with a mixture of myrtle, serpillo, India figs and dwarf oaks. The coast presents an enchanting sea with bays and isolated inlets, grottoes, very long stretches of white and pink sandy beaches.  Sardinia is synonymous with the sea: transparent waters, charming beaches, pure nature. In truth, Sardinia is a region rich in ancient traditions and culture, that they are found above all in the inland, rather than on its coast.
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The sea, the mountains, the cities, the people, the language and the traditions of an island characterized by the explosive beauty of its natural environment.
Halfway between the coasts of mainland Italy and those of North Africa, Sardinia’s sun-baked beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. Sardinia offers sun and sea – but also a wealth of history. Throughout the centuries this island has been conquered, plundered, colonised. First came the Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, then the Pisans, Genovese, Catalans, followed by Arabs, Spaniards and Italians. Whilst each group of invaders left their mark in impressive works of architecture, nothing can compare with the curious stone constructions built by Sardinia’s native nuraghic civilisation, the remains of some 7000 of which litter the hinterland and fill the museums of Cagliari and Sassari.




Villa Delphi

Villa Delphi is a magnificent property located on the North-Eastern coast of Sardinia, just south of the Emerald Coast and close to the Porto San Paolo, on the Gold Coast, South of the Costa Smeralda. This is an ideal villa for large families and groups of friends looking to spend an incredible holiday in Sardegna.

Villa Michela

Villa Michela is a wonderful villa for families and groups of friends traveling to Sardegna. Located just south of Olbia near the popular resort area of of Porto San Paolo which famous for its connections to Tavolara Island as well as its many beautiful beaches and coves such as Punta Don Diego, Costa Corallina and Costa Dorata, which is one of the most beautiful and popular coastlines in Sardini

Villa Piera

With respect to its own local environment, this property takes a ‘green’ approach to contemporary luxury. All structures are constructed of stones from the original estate. Its exterior displays various facades: white wash or Sardinian granite..

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