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Trentino-Alto-Adgie / South Tyrol

Cities and Towns in Trentino-Alto-Adgie / South Tyrol

Located in the very north of Italy, Trentino Alto Adige borders Austria and Switzerland.  It is best known for the glorious valleys and unique mountains.

This setting encloses an extraordinary variety of landscapes: magnificent snow-capped mountaintops, woods, wide valleys, streams, lakes, the enchanting play of light between the spires of the Dolomites, typical villages with soaring bell towers, and the myriad shades of unadulterated nature. 

Hundreds of miles of ski slopes make this region a cutting-edge tourist destination - Madonna di CampiglioCanazeiMoenaSan Martino di Castrozza are the best known resorts, popular in both winter and summer for their natural surroundings, sport activities, and fun. 

The landscape of Lake Garda is particularly picturesque; it narrows in Trentino, appearing as a fiord between the high mountains. 

Land of confluence between Latin and Nordic worlds, Trentino Alto Adige is the guardian of a remarkable cultural heritage, made up of prehistoric evidence, charming castles, sanctuaries and towns with great historical and artistic significance. 

A number of spa towns offer treatments and therapies, of which MeranoLèvico TermePeio, Rabbi and Comano Terme are the most famous. 

This is a place where farmland, green valleys and jagged, gorgeous mountains seemingly surge out of the earth.  The contrasts of the place and the scale of them, unique in all of Europe, though not only the landscapes are something to write home about.  The spectacular colorful villages and some of the finest food in Italy make visiting Trentino Alto Adige one of our top picks for visitors to northern Italy and many travelers to this region prefer it even to the Swiss or even Italian alps, which are often much more costly and and offer less in so far as attractions and fine food and wine is concerned. 

Trentino on the other hand really has it all in terms of some of the best wine, food, gorgeous towns and interesting landscapes.  Without a doubt, this is one inspiring region and one that will literally impress all of your senses.

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