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Our Knowledge of Italy Is Second to None

In addition to Italy Vacation Specialists we own the Italy Education Center, with various retreat locations and teach travel professionals and retreat leaders from all over the world about how to organize better experiences in Italy and in order to be able to teach these remarkable courses, we ourselves have had to learn and acquire a level of understanding and knowledge about Italy which few other tour operators in the Italian market-place have.  

Each year, for travel agents we offer educational trips to a variety of regions and islands, usually theme-based, we help travel professionals from around the world get more familiar with Italy and using different transportation logistics such as private transfers for sightseeing experiences, or using driver-guides as ways to get into certain areas between various destinations that might be impossible to get to otherwise

Italy has a series of new laws regarding to vehicle entrances and permits near various city centers and in many instances driving can be a true headache, though in other areas we definitely think it's in your interest to rent a car.

We will help you navigate the waters and complications here in Italy to avoid you unnecessary stress and to get you away from the tourist traps, into the truly authentic and beautiful areas of Italy waiting to be discovered! 

Working with our consultants, we will not only assist you with many complications that may arise during your time here, but teach you about areas in Italy that are truly beautiful, less expensive and more rewarding to visit in many instances.  

Hand Selected Accommodation & Activities

All of our accommodations and activities are hand-selected by us, to ensure the upmost quality for our customers. We have fully explored every region in Italy over 16 years personally visiting all of the properties we recommend.  We know the owners, the true locations, whether their are stairs involved, great local dining experiences nearby.  

We Can Save You Money, Time & Frustration 

Think traveling to Italy is easy?  Think again.  

There are various things about traveling here, which are not easy at all, including though not limited to:
  • Getting to the Amalfi Coast 
  • Arranging ferry tickets
  • Booking the right trains 
  • Getting to the most beautiful villages which are always quite a distance from the rail stations
  • Knowing what areas of the city are the most enjoyable to stay in 
  • Knowing how long to stay in each region to really get the most out of it 
We ask you the right questions and arm you with the right information in order to plan a trip that will leave you feeling inspired and like you have actually had a vacation, rather than feeling like you've just ran the amazing race, trying to cram everything you can into too short of an unrealistic time.  

The Most Personable & Knowledgeable Local Guides 

We work with a network of about 250 guides all over Italy who specialize in various sites and subject matters.  The guides you have during your trip can really make the difference between a good trip and a great trip, brining the history and subject matter in a variety of fields to life.  

You'll Be Financially Protected 

We  comply with European ‘Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations.  
Our Financial Protection Insurance means that you can rest easy knowing your money is in our safe hands.

Offices Located in Italy, the United States and World Wide

During your visit to the region you can feel comfortable knowing that support is on hand.

Our Free Support Number: 1-866-779-2565 lets you contact us should you need any form of help.

Key Points:

  •     Telephone Support Throughout Your Stay

  •     High Quality Accommodation

  •     Expert Advice

  •     Inclusive Packages

  •     Fully Financially Protected

  •     Authentic Experiences

  •     Small Local Suppliers

  •     Hassle-Free Holidays Experience

What You’ll Receive:

You’ll receive an authentic experience in the real Italy & connection to local suppliers and the ability to experience the real Italy, whilst being fully financially protected with a trusted company.

You’ll receive our ‘Welcome to Italy’ 6 week prep-course that will give you valuable insight into getting the most about the regions, towns and cities you will be visiting on the trip with insider info on a six-week installment series delivered right to your inbox. 

Language Barrier?

We offer you advice  and help right through your holiday. Let us book activities or make reservations, we’re in the area and able to help!

Who Are We?

We are Expert Travel Planners to Italy & the Mediterranean and we are waking up Italy to the fact that mass-tourism is a lose-lose for everyone including tourists themselves!

We are creating a network of passionate individuals dedicated to providing an exceptional travel experience!

Join our movement on SOCIAL MEDIA or CONTACT US to find out more.


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