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Cities and Towns in Puglia

Lecce is the main city, one could say the capital, of the Salento subpenisular of Apulia.  Although part of the larger region, the culture of Italy's heel, has historically been quite distinct from the rest of the region.

Lecce is undoubtedly one of Apulia's most beautiful towns, which thanks to its own brand of Baroque architecture is often known as 'the Florence of the South'.  Some 'not-to-miss' examples of this period are the Duomo and the masterfully sculpted Basilica di Santa Croce.

Her roots date back much earlier than this however and there is plenty of evidence of her Roman past.  Just wander through the town center and you will see most of a Roman amphitheater, which was only properly excavated in the post-war years.  Today it is a delightful venue for summer performances.  Close by, the city's patron saint, Sant'Oronzo, stands on top of a column that once signalled the end of the Appian Way, the strategically important road that linked the City of Rome with the port of Brindisi in the south.  The column was given to Lecce after Sant'Oronzo is said to have saved Brindisi from a plague in the 17th century.

Despite the architectural wonders, Lecce is a southern city in an area which has little industry.  Tourism is important here, but Lecce's somewhat isolated location means that industry has developed slowly and sensitively, keeping in tune with the city's culture.  Visitors can expect a warm welcome, but also to find a traditional southern Italian town of good food, locally produced products and lunchtime closing! 




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