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Clear Waters of Troea, Calabria Region Italy
Fantastic Beach Holidays in Calabria Region, Italy


Cities and Towns in Calabria

Tropea, easily wins the contest for prettiest town on the Calabria Tyrrhenian coast, with its old palazzi built in simple golden stoneright into the cliffs.  There is still a quite, humbleness to this town, that seems to have been lost in many other places in Italy due to so much mass tourism.  Ringed by cliffs and wonderful sandy beaches, the Tropea promontory is reason unto itself to visit the region of Calabria.  This town is one of my all time favourite place in Italy. The best time to visit is anytime between May and November.

On a clear day, from Tropea, you can see the Aeolian islands and visiting the four volcanic islands for a day makes visiting Tropea all the more worthwhile. The islands can be visited by motorboats that depart daily from Tropea in the summer. Accomodations in Tropea are good,perhaps some of the best in the Region of Calabria and those in pursuit of luxury or those that simply love the beach and don't mind more authentic accommodations like the wondeful agriturismos in the area,  will not be disappointed.


Local farmer selling "Peperoncino" - Photo by Jesse Andrews 

There is a wonderful choice of magnificent sandy bays that extend from Lamezia to Nicotera.  Tropea is built right above some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the Mediterranean.  Although the magnificent stretch of coast is reason alone to visit this area, don't be fooled.  There is much to be enjoyed in the town of Tropea itself.  There are some beautiful piazzas, great shopping, and a beautiful Norman Cattedrale, whose interior displays a couple of unexploded US bombs from World War II, with grateful prayer to the Madonna attached to each.

From belvedere at the bottom of the main square, Piazza Ercole, the church and Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria della Isola glistens on a rocky pormontory above an aquamarine sea.

You can stroll out to visit the church on a path lined wiht fishermen's caves.  Of Basilian origin, the church was remodeled in Gothic style, then given another face-lift after an earthquake in 1905.  The interior has an 18th-century nativity and some fragments of medieval tombs.

Sunset from the town of Tropea is truly spectacular with the sun setting directly on the church of Santa Maria with the Aeolian Islands in the distance.  There are wonderful chic cafes that sit directly on the edge of the town (and the cliffs) that allow you to take in the breathtaking views at sunset and I highly recommend it.  For a fraction of the price of some backstreet bar in Rome, you can enjoy the flavours and views of Southern Italy that at dusk seem nothing less than heavenly.

After the sun-sets, Tropea is alive with the sounds and smells that come from chic bars, cafes and restaurants that stay open late and are alive with the hospitality and kindness of the people that is unique to this part of the world.




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