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City and Cathedral, South Italy, Lamezia Terme, Calabria
Old Wharf, Pier, South Italy, Ruins, Lamezia Terme

Lamezia Terme

Cities and Towns in Calabria

Lamezia Terme is a city in southern Italy. It's name gets from the most old political network confirm in the territory since the Proto-chronicled Age, the Lametìnoi settled close to the waterway called Làmetos (Amato). It covers a area of 161 square km. Also, the word Terme originates from the nearness of warm water in Bagni stream in the Caronte region. The ocean and mountains are the characteristics of the place, portrayed by a Mediterranean atmosphere. It is the third most occupied town in Calabria. Lamezia Terme assumes a critical job in the economy of the zone, since major street, railroad and air terminal center points are situated there. The airplane terminal related exercises have permitted the improvement of business exercises that will support work in time. Thirty farms, around 600 direct makers and multi day workers work in the close-by area. The principle rural developments are olive forests, that possess most cultivating regions, and grapevines.




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In August 2018, my family of four and myself travelled from Vancouver, BC to Rome Italy and spent 3 weeks touring Italy with IVS.

This company had come highly recommended by many friends and associates of ours who had used them before and indeed to say they do an outstanding job is an understatement. You can tell while being in Italy that it is one complicated place to run tours in, just by the sheer nature of the place. There are many rules and we noticed traffic complications in a variety of places which this company being on the ground, advised us of and made sure we were not caught up in it.

Overall, our experience was truly outstanding and we plan on going back to Italy in the future, this time hopefully without our kids and definitely using this company again. Nothing but good things to say about the entire experience!

- Vijaya Sunil CPA, CGA Read More


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