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Cities and Towns in Cosenza

Cosenza is both a city and a Province in northern Calabria and is one of the largest regions in Italy that includes one of the country's largest national parks, the Parco Pollino.  It is also home to two major coastlines, enormous mountain ranges and hundreds of both coastal and mountain villages that run from the Ionian Coast in the east to the Tyrrhenian shores in the west, from the massif of Pollino in the north to the plateau of Sila grande. 

Cosenza also has plains, like the one of Sibari, and big valleys, like Crati. Hilly areas slope down to the North and to the East of the Sila Greca. Everything is portrayed by extraordinary assortment, even from coast to coast and on every massif. 

This province and city is best visited with a local guide who can show you the best of the best of what this land has to offer, for there is a lot to see and it is important to structure your time when coming here. 

In total there is nearly 67 miles of coast and the Province of Cosenza hold almost 44% of the surface of Calabria, basically the entire central and northern piece of the region.

The city of Cosenza is completely surrounded by mountains, and the city is subject a micro-climate and exposed to very cold winters often with a lot of snow and very hot summers.   It is a place that has gone through episodes of extreme poverty in the past, though in recent years has been revitalized. 

It has an attractive and rich city center and is home to one of southern Italy's most important Universities which draw students from across Italy.  

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Cities and Towns in Cosenza

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