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Maremma, Tuscany
Pitigliano, Tuscany - Center of Jewish History
Pitigliano, Tuscany - Center of Jewish History
Giglio Island - Part of Tuscan Archipelago of Islands
Tuscany's Magnificent Coastal Area
Pitigliano, Tuscany - Center of Jewish History


Cities and Towns in Tuscany

The Maremma region of Tuscany is truly one of Italy's best kept secrets and is a magical and unspoiled paradise on earth. The region is full of natural hot-springs like those found in Saturnia, which are the most popular but there are dozens of others all over the place like in Sorano ancd Pitigliano which are absolutely astonishingly beautiful Etruscan towns that played critical roles in Etruria - which was the land the Etruscans occupied and in fact, Italia comes from the word Etruria and so to really appreciate Italy a journey through the Maremma is an unforgettable journey into Italy's heart and soul.

The coastal towns in the Maremma are absolutely incredible and there are truly gorgeous especially in the spring and summer months, towns like Porto Santo Stefano, Obetello, Talamone and others really come alive and if you are into sailing, some of Italy's most beautiful covers and beaches are to be found on the coast of Maremma.





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