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Experience the Beautiful Castelli Romani
Experience the Roman Casstles

Castelli Romani

Cities and Towns in Lazio

The area known as the "Castelli Romani" or Roman Castles is an area located just outside of Rome that offer visitors to the area an absolutely incredible experience that the Romans for centuries have appreciated and still do to this day. This is an area in fact where many Romans even today hold weddngs, banquets, parties and events, for when you visit the Castelli Romani it's almost as though you step into a rolling landscape of hills, vineyars, rivers and lakes much like you find in the region of Tuscany, only that the Castelli Romani can easily be reached 30 minutes outside of Rome.

There are wonderful towns with unique gastronomic experiences to be appreciated, though in addition to the incredible foods and wines that can be found here, there are also enromous historical places to be discovered and in fact more and more we are staring to recommend visitors to Rome to consider staying in the Castelli Romani so that they can spend less and gain more insight into "true Italy", rather than Rome which now has become so commercialized and over-run with tourists there are few authentic experiences to be had in Rome. In the Castelli Romani however, there is still so much pleasure and romance to be had, with Rome only a short distance away.





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In August 2018, my family of four and myself travelled from Vancouver, BC to Rome Italy and spent 3 weeks touring Italy with IVS.

This company had come highly recommended by many friends and associates of ours who had used them before and indeed to say they do an outstanding job is an understatement. You can tell while being in Italy that it is one complicated place to run tours in, just by the sheer nature of the place. There are many rules and we noticed traffic complications in a variety of places which this company being on the ground, advised us of and made sure we were not caught up in it.

Overall, our experience was truly outstanding and we plan on going back to Italy in the future, this time hopefully without our kids and definitely using this company again. Nothing but good things to say about the entire experience!

- Vijaya Sunil CPA, CGA Read More


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