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Anzio Lazio Italy


Cities and Towns in Lazio

Anzio is a small seaside town in the region of Lazio, just south of Rome and the gateway for sailing to the Pontine archipelago of islands, which are a national park in the region of Lazio that include:  Ventotene & Ponza a fairy-tale-like paradise that so far has been undiscovered by the masses of tourists that are now flocking to Capri.  Ponza and these islands have for the most part been untouched and maintain incredibly clear waters, gorgeous towns, and local communities which serve up some of the best sea-food in Italy.  

In spite of all the draws to come down south of Rome, this area historically has sufffered tremendously during the Second World War and one of the largest burial grounds for British Soldiers and their allies is located just outside of Anzio.

The cemetary contains over 1065 Commonwealth burriels when the fighting broke out and the Allies tried to break the "Gustav Line" and landed behind the enemy's lines facing the strong German opposition and many were slaughtered or shot to death causing thousands of causualties.   

The port town of Anzio is located on a stretch of Lazio's coastline that is scattered with the remains of Roman villasdating back to the golden era of "Antium", town where the infamos and very evil Emperor Nero was born and the remains of a magnificent Imperial villa, situated within the Archaeological Park, and the ruins of the old port testify to the importance of Anzio's most illustrious citizen.

The port of Anzio was the stage of a crucial episode during the latter part of the Second World War. It was here, on January 22nd 1944, that the allied forces landed. The Anzio Beachhead Museum, housed within the 17th century Villa Adele, tells the tale of the landing by way of a fascinating collection of uniforms, equipment, documents, battle plans, maps, and photographs of the landing of the British and American forces.

A Liberty style casino named "Il Paradiso del Mare" is now seat of Anzio's Hotel School. Federico Fellini chose this imposing building for the Grand Hotel in his Oscar winning film, "Amarcord". For nature lovers Anzio's Nature Reserve of Tor Caldara is an absolute must: offering a marvellous opportunity to admire a stretch of Mediterranean forest inhabited by numerous plant and animal species.

Anzio is an interesting town to take a coffee in and head to the islands from, though the coast of Lazio up and down from Anzio is truly something out of a story-book and the coastal towns and vicinity from here are what are truly the best kept secrets in Italy. 





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