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Matera - Basilicata, at Dusk Italy
Sassi as Seen at Matera, Italy
Matera, Italy


Cities and Towns in Basilicata

Basilicata is an incredibly beautiful region in Southern Italy  The name of the land takes it name from the Latin "Basileus", meaning the 'land of kings'. And indeed, it is a site to behold for those of royalty or those looking to travel on a budge these days.  The region is incredibly beautiful and most definitely worth exploring. To get a better idea about the vast and diverse landscapes that this region is home to, we definitely recommend that you watch this video. 


Today Basilicata's nature is increasingly being discovered by enthusiastic holiday makers who discover a land which embraces every possible Italian landscape. In addition, they find that each village in Basilicata tightly hangs on to its local culture, customs and traditions. These observable traditions, like the method of harvesting grapes for example, can reveal an extraordinary richness in being, that at times can even surprise the inhabitants, who have grown up with them, as they do visitors. If you let your imagination run wild while exploring the countryside of Basilicata, it is soon evident that this is a land where nature takes first priority as protector and provider; and where ancient customs and myths never die out. Basilicata is where the sacred mountains dominate the skyline in solemnity and grandeur and begin their trek toward the Italian Peninsula. Italy is, without question, realized to its fullest extent in Basilicata; “a land of endless wonders between earth, sky, stars and trees”.




Villa Maratea Mirasole

Maratea is on the stretch of coast south of Campania, and is still unspoilt and extraordinarily beautiful. The views along the coast change frequently, in a constant procession of beaches, inlets, islets, rocks and grottoes, that have justly made this coastline famous for its beauty and for the crystal-clear water of the sea.

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Cities and Towns in Basilicata

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