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Beautiful Maratea, Basilicata, Italy

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Maratea is a beautiful region that far too few tourists who ever visit Italy get to experience, but those that have, can attest to the fact that Maratea deserves to be called "the pearl" of the Tyrrhenian sea, for this hill top town and all its counterparts (Acquafredda, Fiumicello, and the Port of Maratea), are colorful, charming and splendidly untouched by tourists for most of the year.  Maratea has, blessedly kept her true Italian character intact, and this means that prices are good and the locals are genuinely friendly (even if they don't speak perfect English).

The Coast of Maratea is one of the most geographically beautiful coasts in Italy and would rank high on a list of mesmerizing places, the world over.  
The hidden beaches which occupy the shores along this tiny bit of Basilicatan coast (only 30 KM)  from Sapri (in Campania) and Tortora (in Calabria), are of rare beauty, a climb to get to, but well worth the trek any time of year.  Swimming is only possible from May to November, but the scenery is spectacular all year round.  
Recognizable from anywhere along the coast of Maratea, is the large figure of Christ, second only to Brazil's Rio de Janiero figure. 
Visitors from all over the world, particularly during the summer months, come to take in the spectacular views availble from the head of the statue.  Admittance is free and the views truly are incomparable.  At this same position, is the church of San Biagio and an ancient village of Lucanians, who inhabited the area before the romans.  
In the town of Maratea itself, wine bars, cafés, stores, restaurants, and gelato shops line the streets.  The town itself and the entire area is clean, safe and well-serviced.  
As in most towns in Southern Italy, the town continues to shut down everyday from 1:00 to 5PM, as shop owners prepare hearty lunches and venture to the beaches themselves.  However, stores and restaurants stay open well into the night every night of the week during the summer months and shopping is literally an "all-night activity".  Take your pick of terraces within the labrynth of back streets, to enjoy any number of local wines and specialty foods, which include fresh seafood and lucanian pasta dishes. 
Maratea is famous for numerous goods, including: wine, sandals, ceramics, embroidery and leather work.  You can often barter with the store owners for better prices-
Not surprisingly, Maratea, because of her natural beauty and chic locales, has gained considerable attention amongst the Italian elite, who have bought villas along the coast and in the hills.  However, hotels of all varieties are still available.    The best options, we feel are those listed on the right, because the provide incomparable services for excellent rates. 
We think that Maratea is one of Italy's most fantastic cultural and scenic destinations.  It really should not be avoided if possible.   Maratea is well-serviced by trains, offers a large port for docking purposes and is only 2 hours south of Naples.   Getting here is easy and staying is cheap (especially during the off season).  Right now, we are offering tours from Maratea, which will bring visitors face to face with some of Italy's most spectacular scenery. 




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