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Cities and Towns in Veneto

The origins of Padua also knows as Padova can be traced back over 3000 years of history. One of the most important cities in both Roman and Medieval times, its Medieval historic city center remains almost perfectly intact. Padua was once a flourishing center of humanist and Renaissance culture. The presence of illustrious names such as Francesco Petrarca and Galileo Galilei can still be felt today, and there are many works by Donatello, Titian and Veronese to be admired.

Places to visit: the Museum of Applied and Decorative Arts, the Amento and Donato Sartori International Mask Museum, and the Minici Zotti Pre-cinema Collection Museum. There are enchanting Villas and Castles such as Villa Selvatico Sartori, Villa Elmo Capodilista and Villa Contarini. Padua is likened to Venice for its web of navigable canals, along the Brenta River, from Padua to Battaglia and Monselice, from Padua to Saccolongo and from Pontelongo to Chioggia.


The surrounding area is of great natural and manmade beauty, from the Euganei Hills to the Ecclesiastical buildings such as the Monteortone Sanctuary and the Benedettina Abbey of Praglia.




Ideal Classic Tour - From Rome

Journey through Italy's Art cities and then up into the fantastic Lakes district, before heading back south through Milan to Rome. Enjoy scenic drives along the beautiful Autostrada del Sole, the Tuscan countryside, and the medieval towns of the Emilia Romagna region, land of world famous “prosciutto” and parmesan cheese. Also enjoy the Veneto region, world famous for its Villa of Palladio, and of course the Italian Alps.


The Best of Italy from Rome

This five day package is an astonishing journey through Italy's Art Cities, starting in Rome and finishing in Venice. Enjoy also scenic drives through the beautiful Autostrada del Sole, the Tuscan countryside and through and medieval towns in the Emilia Romagna region, a land of world famous “prosciutto” and parmesan cheese. See also the Veneto region, world famous for its Villa of Palladio.


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