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Inside Monreale - Palermo, Sicily


Cities and Towns in Sicily

The capital of Sicily, Palermo, derives its name from the Greek "panormus", meaning "all port". Through history the city has been conquered by the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Arabs, the civilizations of which have all left their mark, and contributed to its great architectural and cultural importance.

Among the many monuments, there are numerous buildings of great significance such as Palermo Cathedral, the Norman Church of St Giovanni degli Eremiti, the Church of St Maria dell'Ammiraglio, also known as Martorana, the Church of the Magione, Palazzo Abatellis, Theatre Politeama and the Sicilian Regional Gallery.
A visit to the Massimo Theatre, one of the largest and most prestigious theatres in Europe, should be on every tourist's itinerary. Many artists, poets and writers have cited Palermo in their works, amongst these are Petrarch, Dante, D'Annunzio, and Wolfgang Goethe, who proclaimed Palermo to be "a land of indescribable beauty".




Full day exploring Palermo and its area

This is a full day tour of Sicily's capital city - Palermo and the area around the city. It includes visiting the Monreale cathedral and exploring one of Sicily's most fantastic piazzas. Your English speaking driver guide can pick you up to enjoy this tour from either your cruise ship or your hotel. You tell us where to meet you and we'll be there!


Palermo and Monreale Full Day Private Tour

Our Privately guided tour of Palermo and Monreale is one of our favorite tours in Sicily and it is definitely one that will be well worth the money because there is so very much history in both locations that you will definitely need a guide to bring the history of these areas to life! You tell us where to pick you up and we will be there.


Sicilian secrets - Sicily & Malta - 8 days/7 nights

This is a wonderful option for those who want to experience Sicily and Malta in comfort and style. This tour will take you around a number of cities in Sicily that are worth visiting, including the magnificent Malta and it's unforgettable beaches. Worries about accommodation and transfers are taken away from you as these are also taken care of. Only thing you'll have to worry about is to relax, soak in the southern beauty, and enjoy!


The Best of Sicily from Palermo

This small group tour of Sicily begins in Palermo on Sicily's Western Coast and ends in the beautiful hill-top town of Taormina on the east-west coast. It's nearly a full circle tour of the entire island of Sicily and includes some of the region's most beautiful and historic towns including Agrigento, Noto, Erice, Monreale and many others.


Western Sicily Mini Tour

This mini tour of Western Sicily will take you to the following locations Palermo, Monreale, Segesta, Marsala, Trapani, Corleone. Cooking Class and Wine tasting included!