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The Salt Road - Trapani to Marsala, Sicily


Cities and Towns in Sicily

Marsala is a beautiful town on Sicily's southern coast and they say from here you can nearly see Africa! It is an area that has recently become quite famous for photographs and nature enthusiasts who come to take beautiful pictures of the landscape here that is dotted by colorful windmills that help to produce the salt in the plains. 

Because the area is so warm and there are such low-lying water levels the area draws tropical birds like Flamingos and unique white herons as well as many bird species native to Africa.

The territory around Marsala is also very famous for the production of white wine. 

Overall this is a very beautiful area to visit with lots of history, great beaches and wonderful agricultural and gastronomic riches. 




Sicilian secrets - Sicily & Malta - 8 days/7 nights

This is a wonderful option for those who want to experience Sicily and Malta in comfort and style. This tour will take you around a number of cities in Sicily that are worth visiting, including the magnificent Malta and it's unforgettable beaches. Worries about accommodation and transfers are taken away from you as these are also taken care of. Only thing you'll have to worry about is to relax, soak in the southern beauty, and enjoy!


Wanna Be Siciliana Cooking, Olive Oil and Wine

This is a wonderful 3 day - 2 night package that is set on a beautiful estate just outside of the town of Marsala, Sicily. In the midst of the olive groves, in a 17th century old estate that has been lovingly resorted, you will learn about the production of olive oil, the wonderful wines that are grown in the area and enjoy a wonderful cooking experience in an authentic Sicilian kitchen.


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We're home now from the most amazing trip to Italy! I can't thank you enough for your efforts and coordination of what was without question the finest vacations I've been on to date.

- Carol Carson


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