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Messina, Italy - Major Port Town in Sicily
Piazza Amerina, Sicily
Messina, Sicily and Mainland Italy in the distance


Cities and Towns in Sicily

Very people people ever talk about Messina, although it is one of Italy's most important port towns and definitely one of Sicily's most important commercial centers and there are dozens of ferry departures between mainland Italy and Sicily every single day of the year.  

Messina is where most cruise ships land when docking and from here the big cruise lines offer many excursions from, however in terms of places to base your stay in Sicily, there are far better places nearby Messina to stay in and this city is really just a "jumping" off pad so-to-speak in so far as your visit through Sicily is concerned.

We have a number of excursions from Messina to consider if you are coming from a cruise ship and you can visit our Shore Excursions section for more information and/or get your travel agent to contact us at for what to do if you are visiting this port of Sicily

You can see our video of Messina Here:




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