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Cities and Towns in Lombardia

The Province of Sondrio is located in the Lombardy Region of Northern Italy and is a truly fascinating area with a mixture of different styles throughout out the ears. Sondrio is mostly surrounded by mountains with a sparsely populated area bordering the Swiss canton. The Provinces of Como is to the west, the Provinces of Bergamo is to the south and the Provinces of Brescia, Trento to the east. One of the main towns in this region is Livigno which is a great attraction for tourist year round both in the summer and winter months. The largest national park in Italy the Stelvio National Park is also located in the northern end of the province.
The city center of Sondrio is rich in art and displays a strong variety of different styles of architecture through out history. The city is divided into two sides the old city and the new city which are reachable by beautiful narrow streets. Throughout the city center you will see the different styles such as Renaissance, Baroque, neoclassical, Modern and contemporary in the architecture.
The territory of Sondrio is known for many local products. One of the most famous products of course is wine, this area has many vineyards producing wine such as the Sassella and Grumello. Wine is one of the main resources of this region. There are also many local foods produced in this region that are very traditional and unique to the Province of Sondrio. There are two P.D.O. certified cheeses Bitto and Valtellina Casera. Additionally, this area is known for honey, sausages, salame, bondiola, mushrooms such as the famous prized porcini. Now don’t forget dessert, there is a typical cake called Bisciola that is made from a sweet bread with figs nuts and other dried fruits.
Do you have an adventurous side? Due to its location surrounding by the beautiful Bernina Mountian Range there are many activities offered both in the winter and the summer months. Major activities include skiing, mountain climbing, cycling, trekking, hiking, and golfing. The major ski resorts include Chiesa in Calmalenco, Caspoggio and Lanzada. The Valtellina path is a beautiful trail perfect for cyclists or walkers crossing along the River Adda held below the mountains. After a day of skiing or hiking head to one of the many thermal spas that date back to the Roman times. The therapeutic waters in the thermal baths can be enjoyed while admiring the views od the surrounding mountains.


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Cities and Towns in Lombardia

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