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Piazza Navona

Districts and Parks in Rome

Piazza Navona is by far one of Rome's most beautiful and elegant squares 'piazzas' and a must-see destination on your vacation. 

In ancient times, a stadium was built here between the 1st century AD, and the residents of the ancient Rome used to come to the stadium to watch gladiator fights, as well as other kinds of competitions.

Today, PIazza Navona is famous with its fountain and beautiful Egyptian obelisk located in the center of the square. The square is spacious and has plenty of space for sitting and walking around, where the Roman locals and tourists come to enjoy the many artists who display their works here, enjoy a drink and come to hang-out and see and be seen! 

There is a wonderful under-ground history to PIazza Navona and our walking tours with local guides can show you around this area like no-one else!

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