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Campo De' Fiori, Rome Italy:

Campo De'Fiori

Cities and Towns in Rome

Campo de' Fiori is located in Rome's historical center and this small but quite unique Piazza has what we like to call a double personality for it seems almost completely different depending on whether you visit by day or night.  

By day is Campo de' Fiori is a bustling roman market place, where one breathes in the authentic atmosphere of the city, by night the Piazza transforms in to the meeting place for young people who gather here in their hundreds to pass the evening in its various bars and it is a wonderful place for young people in the evening to come and discover and meet others and socialize taking a coffee or appetizer. 

At the very center of the Piazza rises the statue of the Philosopher Giordano Bruno, who passed in to the history books after having been burnt alive by order of the courts of the Inquisition. On the steps of this statue, in the squares and in the numerous bars which surround the Campo de' Fiori, the city's youth can be found until the early hours.

The resulting atmosphere is a quite unique hybrid of historical and modern Rome. The peripheral roads which converge at Campo de' Fiori are also of great interest. Within easy reach of the piazza one finds the Farnese Gallery, the Church of St Girolamo, the Spada Gallery, the Fountain of the Turtles and the Ottavia Portico




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