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Town centre of Pietrabbondante, Molise region in Southern Italy
 Pietrabbondante - Molise Province, Italy


Cities and Towns in Molise

Pietrabbondante is in the Molise province in Southern Italy and it is a fascinating place to visit for those looking to experience authentic Italian culture.  The position of this town is second to none in the region and views over the amazing countryside can be seen at every angle.  It's town inhabitants are a happy and lively crowd and an ,ingenious youth population who reside here who are proud of their history and traditions to the the land.  
This Molise region is rich in history, and includes traces of Samnite civilization. The region consists of natural forest, all of which is uncontaminated. In addition to the region's grasslands and mountains, visitors can enjoy Roman and Longbard archeological influence within the region's habited areas.
Perched on a rock, lies the village of Pietrabbondante combination of nature, art, history and archeology (the remains of the fortifications on the mountain Samnite Caraceni and the vast archaeological area below) which shows the existence of human habitation since prehistoric times. Some historians associate the country to Bovianum vetus, seat assemblies and the federal government of the Samnites. The current name is recent and derives from the fact that the area is rich in limestone rocks and debris.
The place is fascinating for its location at the foot of the rock called "Morg" and at the foot of Mount Caracena slopes of which were found on the megalithic remains. The town is surrounded, moreover, in a wide expanse of flora. 
Pietrabbondante attractions 
Pietrabbondante's earliest known inhabitants were the Samnites, who arrived in Pietrabbondante in the 6th century BC. Many historians believe that it was home of the assemblies of the Samnite federal government. The Samnites called the place "Bovianum" but this only lasted for a few centuries, its demise the result of defeats in the Samnite wars as well as the site's ultimate destruction at the hands of Lucius Cornelius Sulla (89 BC). Pietrabbondante then became part of the Roman colony located in Sannio and was documented by Pliny the Elder. The Romans called the town "Bovianum Vetus", the early role of which is little known. It became, however, a center of vital importance; when the Romans conquered the Samnites, Pietrabbondante became a place of reference for checking the Alto Molise.
The Samnite town stretched for just over six hundred meters; nevertheless, the area remains rich in archaeological material. Excavations in the 1840s brought to light sections of marble statues, clay tools, coins, weapons, etc. A very notable archeological find is the temple and the theater built of polygonal limestone that is a rare Italian example of retaining a Greek structure built by the Samnites.





Cities and Towns in Molise

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