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Cities and Towns in Molise

Molise is a region just south of Lazio that is often described as a land of passage for movement of cattle, armies and travellers.  Mountains dominate the lanscape here and inhabitants have looked to them as a refuge: strongholds, fortified castles and villages nestle on hillsides.

Simply put it's an incredibly cool landscape and on our visit there we found the people to be exceptionally interesting, particularly some of the local women in the area who are spearheading the organic food movement in the area that is closely tied to the traditional Molise cuisine.

We were particularly impressed with the town of Venafro which is situated in the Isernia province at the at the foot of Mount Santa Croce (1.026 m above sea level), at a height of 222 meters above sea level, the height of the municipal territory varies from 158 to 1205 m above sea level.  In this town we met Dorothy Volpe who is a real Marquis and a woman who has taken the word "restoring" to a whole new level. 

You can see the video about the Dimora Del Prete and Dorothy Volpe during our last visit to Venafro:





Cities and Towns in Molise

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