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Pitigliano, Tuscany - Center of Jewish History
Pitigliano, Tuscany - Center of Jewish History
Through the heart of Etruria: True Tuscany - Pitigliano, Tuscany


Cities and Towns in Grosseto

Pitigliano is located deep in the heart of Tuscany, in the Maremma Rgion,  a largely undiscoverd and very rural region with so much history and lovliness, it is so hard to describe in a few paragraphs.  Pitigliano is by far one of the most beautiful towns in the area and it is an absolute must-see for those interested in knowing Italy.   Here in Pitigliano you can not only see, understand, taste and feel the legacy of the Jews, you can also understand their mastercrafts and hear and see their legacy.  

Located within the province of Grosseto, in the region of Tuscany approximately 3 hours from both Rome and Florence this town is  truly incredible both visually, historically and spiritually for Pitigliano is known as the "Little Jerusalem" of Italy, because of the large presence of Jews which cam to live here and the incredible ancient synagogue.

Whether coming on a tour to visit Pitigliano, or visiting Saturnia, Sorano and the other nearby towns - Pitigliano is one of these places in Italy that is a place for believers and even non-believers because coming here and seeing where we are located in the land of so many ancestors is truly a place for those who need only understand the power and magnitude of the universe.






Cities and Towns in Grosseto

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