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Corniglia from Water
Cinque Terre Vineyard Trails - Corniglia
Corniglia Village, Cinque Terre


Cities and Towns in Cinque Terre

Corniglia is located inside Italy's Cinque terre National Park and is the smalles village in the national park and also the one located highest above the sea.  There are different ways to visit this village and incredible trails that take you high up into the hills.  There are 2 different routes to take to explore the other villages, although advanced hikers can take great pleasure in visiting the routes higher up as they offer perhaps the most spectacular views in all of the park. 

In terms of staying in Corniglia itself, we can't really recommend it as it is extremely smal and limited.  For more information about visiting the Cinque Terre national park and our tours, cooking courses and wine experiences we offer here, get in touch with the as we have expert advice and insight into this remarkable area of Italy. 




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Cities and Towns in Cinque Terre

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