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What Makes the Difference Working With Us

The fact of the matter is that we were never a tour operator to begin with. If you read Jessica's story, she was one of the original on-line journalists here in Italy going from village to village in Italy's deep south; firstly Calabria, then Sicily, Puglia, Basilicata, Campania and eventually over 10 years all over Italy.

Working as a writer, photographer and tour guide, people from all over the world including other tour operators who now buy our tours started to contact Jessica because the knowledge of the destinations, accommodations and dining experiences she was documenting and writing about was second to none. 

In fact, many Italians today remark upon the fact that Italy Vacation Specialists demonstrate a knowledge of Italy that very few Italians have and this has to do with passion, relentless traveling and orchestrating tours of every variety in all 21 regions here in Italy.  We believe what sets Italy Vacation Specialists a part from other tour operators is the fact that we believe in giving you the truth about what to expect in Italy. Places where many operators go, we will tell you to avoid because they have become too touristy and you'll end up paying 5 Euro for a coffee when in the truly beautiful places, where most don't even mention you will still pay 80 Cents for a delicious cappuccino.  


This is the most important reason as to why you will want to do business with us.

We will give you the truth about what to expect here in Italy.  For example, although we could be making a lot of money selling excursions into Rome from the port in Civitavecchia, the fact of the matter is that this port is nearly 1.5 hours from Rome. These excursions can be expensive and rushed and leave guests felling like they are quite literally running the "Amazing Race" to see all of the sites in Rome.  

We value your business and want to make sure that you have an excellent understanding of what to expect during your vacation to Italy.

Although it can seem like Italy is an easy country to travel in, it is anything but and there are so many critical details to know and factors to consider when organizing a trip here.  There are cities where cars should be avoided and regions where a car is absolutely necessary. There are ferries to some of the most beautiful islands in the world, gorgeous gardens and wonderful dining experiences not to be missed.  


You may think that organizing your travel through a tour operator might cost you more money, but in fact we help people save a lot of money and avoid a lot of difficult situations. 


We guarantee replies within 48 hours. We don’t take weeks to get back to you and we are just a phone call away in North America or in Italy.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about the time difference, we are available during normal business hours for both American and Italian time zones. Because we have offices in Italy and the US, you have access to us 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. We are always available so that you can keep your beauty sleep while we take care of your clients.


We can quote our itineraries in a variety of  currencies. 


We have a wonderful network of staff and offices all over Italy, with our head office being located in Rome, Italy.  Often, if you are traveling with us for the first time we will come to meet you personally and at the very least, call you during your time with us. 


If things aren't right for you we will make it right.  In Italy, customer service is very different than it is in other countries and if something is not up to your standards if you complain about it, you can often expect the "hairy eyeball", however with us, any problem you have becomes our problem. 


We are deeply involved in supporting "Green Tourism" and zero-kilometer sustainable farming techniques.  Some of our efforts here, we are deeply proud of and believe can make a lasting impression on your experience here in Italy. 


Having offices based all over Italy allows us to provide the most up-to-date recommendations for dining out during your stay.  New places are always opening and restaurants changing menus.  Depending on the season some restaurants will work much better for you.

In Rome and the major art cities like Venice and Florence, these places can be very touristy and many restaurants can be over-priced and offer less quality. WE try to steer you away from these places and provide you with alternatives that can be less expensive and offer an authentic Italian experience. 



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Client Testimonials

I went to high school with the owner of the company who organized my honeymoon for myself and my now wife from Tokyo. We spent three short weeks seeing Piedmont and experiencing wine paradise there, then heading to Nice in France with our private driver and flying to Rome where honestly 4 days is NOT enough. They keep saying to spend more time and we could not agree more! You need to spend more time in many of these places. Over the course of our time in Italy we saw so much and loved it all, though Sicily and the Mondello estate they had at us, 2 minutes walk from the prettiest beach in the world was our favorite and Roberto the owners there who know Jess and her team made it so wonderful for us! We are planning on going back and even considering moving to Italy we had such a great time!
- Robin and Kumi Bruun, Tokyo Japan Read More


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