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Get Inside the Roman Colosseum
Experience the Incredible History of Ancient Rome
Experience the Very Best of Ancient Rome
The Baths of Caracalla

Private Full Day Tour of Ancient Rome with Private Driver Back

  • Tour Code : TUR-01561
  • Type : Private
  • Duration : 8.0 Hours


Highlights Include: 

  • Colosseum 
  • Arch of Constantine    
  • Palatine Hill
  • Roman Forum
  • Baths of Caracalla (optional entrance)
  • The Appian Way
  • Catacombs

Full Description:

A driver will pick you up from your hotel at a time of your choosing and take you to meet your official local guide.  There is no fixed order for this tour, your guide will decide on the best order for the day and time.

During the morning tour you will go inside the Colosseum, learn all about why it was built, how it got its name and the part it played in the life of the city.  Your guide will talk to you about the gladiators who came here from across the empire, showing you where they trained and the different types of battles that were fought here.  You'll be surprised how many new things you'll learn and how some of the things you thought you knew about the Romans, simply weren't true!

The walk through the Forum is one of wonder, whatever age you are.   You'll find yourselves jumping through history, beginning at the 4th century Arch of Constantine, then traveling backwards as you move to the lower ground and the temples of the Roman Republic.  You'll learn all about these magnificent structures, as well as the daily lives of the citizens who came here to vote, shop, attend trials, hear great speeches, celebrate victories and honor the gods.

The final stop of the tour will be the Palatine Hill and the remains of the emperors' palaces and bath-complexes.  The first emperor, Augustus, decided to live here on the spot where Romulus and Remus were supposedly raised by a wolf.  From that time, all emperors built their palaces here, where they could look down on the people in the Forum, look across to the Temple of Jupiter on the nearby Capital Hill and enjoy the chariot races in the Circus Maximus.

After a break for lunch, your driver will take you to see the Circus Maximus up close.  If you feel like waiting, you can stop at the world's most famous drain cover and have your photo taken at the Mouth of Truth, admiring the Republican temples standing opposite.  Drive past Rome's pyramid, a 1st century BC tomb at the time Egypt was annexed to the empire and the Baths of Caracalla, before reaching the ancient Appian Way.

On the main road connecting Rome with the south and the port of Brindisi, you'll see the remains of ancient tombs and see the churches built over some of the many catacombs that lined the road on either side.  Stop and visit one of these, with an authorized tour that will take you far underground where early Christians built multiple levels in which to bury their dead.

The tour will end back at your hotel.




Tour Highlights and What's Included

  1. Skip the line Entrance tickets included
  2. English-speaking tour guide
  3. Hotel pick-up

What's Not Included

  1. Food and beverages not mentioned in the program
  2. Gratuities of any type

Sites and Locations Visited on this Tour

No. of Pax Price/Pax Total Price
1 € 1060.00 € 1,060.00
2 € 560.00 € 1,120.00
3 € 385.00 € 1,155.00
4 € 320.00 € 1,280.00
5 € 270.00 € 1,350.00
6 € 225.00 € 1,350.00
7 € 190.00 € 1,330.00
8 € 170.00 € 1,360.00

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