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We pride ourselves on providing the very best customized group & individual holiday experiences in Italy and other Mediterranean countries.  Italy is at the very center of the Mediterranean and has so very much to offer visitors in terms of historical art cities, great beaches, coastal regions and ski resorts.  Yet, Italy as a country is totally unique most importantly because of its food, wines and totally different geography.  For this reason not only are the historical sites in Italy a major draw for individual travelers time and time again, the world is coming to Italy and incredible experiences in Italy are happening 24/7.  

If you are a business owner, independent contractor or whatever your business we are here to help you design the most perfect experience. 

itinerary for anyone interested in traveling here, we ask detailed questions about places on their wish list, visas, vacation time and many other important details that contribute to making the trip a success. 

Often we can create wonderful itineraries that and provide invaluable insight when we can ask and have you answer a few key questions. 


We like to make sure you have a great knowledge of Italy and other destinations before you come here and that is why on our Destinations in Italy menu, we have provided so very many locations for you to look at. Italy might seem like an easy country to sell but most of the agents that sell it only know the 3 big cities: Rome, Florence, and Venice, and even then, they will only be able to sell the most basic tours, the ones they find online.   We make sure that you know your options here, the distances, things that you should absolutely NOT miss.  

Our customized itineraries are all different and built specifically for your needs. . Even our scheduled departures are not similar to other tours you have seen around. Your clients will quickly realize this and be IMPRESSED BY YOUR ABILITY TO CREATE AN AUTHENTIC ITALIAN EXPERIENCE!

We guarantee replies within 48 hours. We don’t take weeks to get back to you and we are just a phone call away. And, as mentioned above, when we are able to get precise details about your client’s exact needs and preferences, we can EXPEDITE THE PLANNING PROCESS SO THAT THE FIRST ITINERARY THAT THE CLIENT RECEIVES IS THE PERFECT ONE. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the time difference. We are available during normal business hours for both American and Italian time zones. Because we have offices in Italy and the US, you have access to us 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. We are always available so that you can keep your beauty sleep while we take care of your clients.

We stay in touch with you from the time you contact us to the time your clients say “goodbye” to Italy. In other words, we don’t forget about you and your clients after we collect the first payment. If you know what I mean then you will realize how important it is to KNOW that WE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS FROM THE BEGINNING THROUGH THE END. THAT IS A PROMISE!




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Client Testimonials

I went to high school with the owner of the company who organized my honeymoon for myself and my now wife from Tokyo. We spent three short weeks seeing Piedmont and experiencing wine paradise there, then heading to Nice in France with our private driver and flying to Rome where honestly 4 days is NOT enough. They keep saying to spend more time and we could not agree more! You need to spend more time in many of these places. Over the course of our time in Italy we saw so much and loved it all, though Sicily and the Mondello estate they had at us, 2 minutes walk from the prettiest beach in the world was our favorite and Roberto the owners there who know Jess and her team made it so wonderful for us! We are planning on going back and even considering moving to Italy we had such a great time!
- Robin and Kumi Bruun, Tokyo Japan Read More


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