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Honor Your Beauty in Italy and Enjoy a Different Side of Italy
Clean Living

Alcohol Free and Clean Living Vacations in Italy and the Mediterranean

Although Italy is often a country that is considered to be a destination that is synonymous with some of the best food and wines in the world, Italy as a nation time and time again is often considered to be one of the most healthy countries in the world and more and more,  Italy is becoming a place that is known more and more for the wonderful health and wellness retreats and experiences it offers.

From the incredible natural springs, to the wonderful mountain trails and cycling routes in a variety of regions, for those looking to feel exhilarated physically and emotionally without necessarily indulging in wine, as a company we believe we offer truly outstanding experiences for visitors to really get the most out of Italy's culture, art, history and nature. 

In addition to wonderful activities that are alcohol free, we are focused on offering you and your loved ones activities that will leave you inspired and engaged with the local culture.

From our organic farms where we have you harvesting fruits and vegetables literally out of the garden, to picking olives in some of the most stunning olive orchards, art and craft activities, wonderful thermal spas and springs, incredible hiking and cycling experiences we have a wide variety of awesome experiences to keep you fully engaged in the incredible beauty which is Italy. 




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Client Testimonials

I am a travel agent from Lebanon and have organized several group tours as well as individual tours of Italy with Italy Vacation Specialists. I highly recommend them as one of the very best tour operators in Italy to work with, given their professionalism and work ethic which I feel is second-to-none in the travel industry. All of the staff, the guides, the coaches and even the meals we enjoyed were fantastic throughout the tour. Italy is a beautiful country, though we realize very complicated to work in and for this reason we were all very appreciative to the hard work we felt when into the services we received and personal service. No doubt, we will be returning to Italy many times again and definitely working with the IVS team!
- Nicole Haddad, Lebanese Travel Agent Read More


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