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Alcohol Free and Clean Living Vacations in Italy and the Mediterranean

We have developed this section of our business because we believe that clean living and living without addiction is a notable and extremely worthy endeavor in life.

There are many people that have at one time or another dealt with having to confront an addiction either in their own life or in the life of a loved one.  For this reason, providing holidays where the focus is on clean living, maintaining sobriety and involving community support that not only helps the individual but also the community members here in Italy as well has become an important and engaging aspect for our own team here in Italy and countries all over the world.  

Italy is a beautiful country where health, well-being and balance are important aspects of day-to-day life.  Here in Italy, they call it "Equilibrio" (Equilibrium) and since we have such an intimate knowledge of Italy and the communities here, we felt that it was time to offer a supportive environment here for those looking to take a holiday, perhaps out of their comfort zone and yet maintain sobriety, support and healthful living. 

We understand the risks of traveling, the stresses and also the fear that can be involved in venturing into foreign territory and for this reason we'd like to reach out to you and your loved ones allowing you and them to feel safe here in Italy and our other Mediterranean destinations.  



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We're home now from the most amazing trip to Italy! I can't thank you enough for your efforts and coordination of what was without question the finest vacations I've been on to date.
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