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Save Money & Use Private Transfers as Opportunities for Incredible Experiences & Sightseeing

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On a map, Italy looks like a very small country and now-a-days you can get from Rome to Florence or Florence to Venice (or vice versa) in less than 1.5 hours.  It’s definitely a high-speed way to get from one of the major art cities to the next, so no doubt, you can zip into Rome for a couple of days, head up to  Florence and then up to Venice .

The cost of rail tickets between each section depending when you’re going is usually about 90 Euros + tax for each rail segment and so many people think taking rail is the most economic way to see Italy, and in some instances depending on the purpose of your trip, and maybe it is, but at what cost?

Between Florence and Rome there are the incredible regions of Lazio with unbelievably gorgeous towns like Civita Del Bagnoreggio or further south between Rome and Naples, there is the incredible Castelli Romani territory, Monte Casino, Caserta and several other incredible areas of beautiful natural and historical interest.

The point is, if you are going to be taking rail, you are probably missing out on incredible opportunities to visit towns and cities en-route, that you might have to back-track to see either by private car, bus, or tour – that at the end of the day you may ultimately end up spending more money by not taking a private transfers.

Using private driving services particularly between Rome and Naples and Rome and Florence make sense and can add a great deal of value to your trip and can save you time and additional hidden expenses.

For the most reliable driver-guides, great routes and wonderful sites get in touch with the experts to find out more:

Here are some great suggestions for your journey:

Between Rome & Florence, take advantage of visiting the following regions, sites and cities as a part of a 1 day tour between destinations:


You can read about the region on our website here:

Towns which are convenient to visit en-route include:




Between Florence & Venice

Cities like Padua, Bologna, and even Lucca and Pisa can make great stops and offer incredible experiences!

Regions like Emilia Romagna where the capital city Bologna is located, are incredible destinations for culinary and architectural achievements in Italy.

You can read about and visit the region of Emilia Romagna on our website here:

Between Rome & the Amalfi Coast or Rome and Naples, you can visit one of the most important monuments at Monte Casino that you can read about here:

Monte Cassino

Or instead the gardens at Caserta which was Napoleon’s Estate when he occupied Italy.


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