Agriturismos in Italy are a great way to enjoy authentic, affordable and exclusive holiday experiences in Italy.

Italy has been hit hard by Covid-19, yet slowly but surely Italy is rebounding and drawing upon locals more so than ever to experience unique vacation options.

Agriturismos play an important role and make for a safe, affordable and incredible experience.

Yet, many international tourists have never even heard of one of Italy’s best kept secrets – Agriturismos – which offer alternative and incredible vacation options in magnificent countryside locations which are utterly beautiful and unto themselves completely isolated and perfect destinations to consider in the age of Covid-19 or after.

Many Europeans will now be able to travel to Italy As renowned throughout the world for its incredible food, wine and stunning landscapes. From north to south along the Italian peninsula (the longest peninsula in the world), run some of the worlds most dramatic coastlines, valleys and mountain ranges. Many people would argue that for such a small country, Italy offers more geographic diversity than any other.

It is within and because of Italy’s unique position in Mediterranean, historic and modern agriculture have flourished and contributed in creating some of the finest wines and most sought after foods like ‘tartufo’ / truffle and the famous Mozzarella di Buffala or Balsamic Vinegar which require a unique biosphere; uniquely and exquisitely Italian. You cannot and should not come to Italy without wanting to try as many local flavors as you can – everything in moderation of course.

Eating and drinking are an integral part of the Italian experience and the concept of ‘Agriturismo’ is uniquely Italian. In fact, there are over 5000 agriturismos in Italy which are in their essence, family run farm estates where local ingredients are cultivated and produced on site using organic / biologic farming techniques or minimizing pesticide use to the minimum. Most are set in the countryside, outside large urban areas, however you can find them all over Italy on islands, near cities like Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, Palermo or Naples. Many Italians themselves frequently use agriturismos for week-end escapes, a night away from the city or a glorious meal in the countryside considering most of these estates have dining facilities.

Agriturismos are as abundant as hotels are in Italy, though they are often more remote and offer far fewer rooms than hotels. Hence, knowing where they are, how to get there, what is nearby and other essential components for travel are essential. Some agriturismos may have only 2-3 rooms while others may have 10-15 and they vary in terms of amenities from very basic to super luxurious. Some may not have any rooms at all. In some instances we have been shocked at the incredible beauty and sophistication of many properties and horrified to see what some properties were advertising on the web were not at all realistic to the reality we saw once we arrived.

Yet, one thing runs consistent with every property we have visited in the past fifteen years: It’s truly an Italian experience staying in an agriturismo and a chance to meet with community members, many of whom have special insight into their local experience.

While it’s a great opportunity to venture into the Italian countryside to enjoy some ‘isolation’ and ‘relaxation’ – it’s also a great time to meet the owners and often times their families, friends and other guests who share the same values that you do. Language barriers seem to ‘fly out the window’ as soon as great food and wonderful food is served up.

Below, we are putting together a list of some of our top Agriturismo experiences in Italy you may want to fit into your next vacation so stay tuned!

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