Read along for the first of our two part series of the 10 best spa towns in Italy.

Did you know that Italy is home to some of the most powerful and rejuvenating healing waters? Found in both destinations of rustic country side and upscale luxury, it’s quite a special way to spend part of your time in Italy.

We have spent years discovering the most remarkable spas all throughout Italy in order to bring them to you!

Whether you’re wanting to soak in natural mineral-rich hot springs with tremendous curative powers, or simply take some time away to unwind and relax with a massage and local ambiance, we’ve got the spot for you.

Read on to discover the wealth of beauty and enjoyment offered in any of these locations!

1. Ischia

Ischia is known as the Green Isle because of its lush green vegetation. As a volcanic island dominated by Mount Epomeo, it is the only place in the area with real sandy beaches. Throughout many places on the island, you can find and enjoy the natural wonders of the healing springs including the natural hot springs of Sorgeto, or at the thermal parks and gardens such as Poseidon or Negombo. You will notice that many places will say ‘terme’, and if so that indicates that they may have their own spring source in their hotel or lodging facility.

For example, the Sorgeto hot springs have rock pools, all with different water temperatures. This way, you can enjoy both cool and warm bathing.

2. Montegrotto Terme, Veneto

Montegrotto Terme is a located in the province of Padua in the region of Veneto. It’s approximately 45 kilometres west of Venice. Part of the Euganee spas, Montegrotto Terme is a spa resort. A popular destination, Italians and Romans in particular have long praised this place for its thermal waters. One of it’s greatest attractions nearby it the Butterfly Arc, which is a ‘butterfly house’ with a gardens and a fairy woodland. It is a mile and a half from the other famous spa town of Abano Terme.

3. Saturnia, Tuscany 

A very special destination, Saturnia is located in the region of Tuscany. The enchanting thermal waters here can be enjoyed in several ways. There is free entrance to the lower pools, or there is also the Terme di Saturnia resort to be enjoyed. The free hot springs are called, “Cascate di Mulino“, located less than 6 km outside of the town of Saturnia and 3 km from the Terme di Saturnia Resort.

The town of Saturnia is worth a visit as it is quaintly situated overlooking the thermal springs. According to a historian of 60 BC, the area was populated by pre-classical Greeks. After the Greeks, were the Etruscans, and then the Romans.

A truly wonderful place to visit!

4. Acqui Termi, Piedmont

Acqui Termi means ‘thermal waters’, and these hot springs, located in the province of Piedmont in Northern Italy, have been famous since the region was the Roman town of Aquae Statiellae. In this well known spa town, you can experience the stunning landscapes, delicious food, Dolcetto red wine, and of course, healing thermal waters.

Surrounded by some of the most famous vineyards, Acqui Terme’s sulphur springs bubble up at 167 degrees F. There is a little pavilion in the center of town where you can visit one of two sources of the springs called “La Bollente” (the boiling source), which was designed in 1870 by Giovanni Ceruti.

5. Rapolano Terme, Tuscany

This peaceful spa in an unparalleled landscape is truly worth the visit, and the soak! Located in an iconic part of Tuscany, these healing waters in Siena are situated in a stunning village about 60 km southeast of Florence. Not only does this beautiful town offer its curative waters, but also the beauty of the travertine stone, formed over decades in the waterfalls, springs, and basins where there was limestone.

Stay tuned next week for our part two series of the 10 best spas in Italy!

There is a plethora of wonderful sights and experiences awaiting you in the regenerative land of Italy. Some of them are a little bit tricky to get to, but they all have incredible wonders to behold and we can get you there safely and securely!  For more info, get in touch with us:

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