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Why Hotel Star Ratings in Italy Don’t Mean Anything

/ July 20, 2017 / Comments: 1 / In: Uncategorized

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If you have an upcoming trip planned to Italy and carefully researched your hotel options based on their “star” ratings, it’s probably not the best measure to go by when booking your hotel here, and particularly between 3 star and four star hotels, just because a hotel has a higher star rating, it does not necessarily mean it is a better hotel.

The “star-classification system” for hotels in Italy is based on functions and facilities that the hotels have, which can include very standard items, such as a telephone in the room, an elevator, a 24-hour concierge reception desk, or fridge bar.

However, the fact that a hotel is a five star, four star or three star property does not necessarily mean that the hotel is more or less luxurious and in many instances particularly where three and four star hotels are concerned, in many instances the three star hotels can be far nicer and more well-cared for.

Booking a property in Italy, like booking tours or other travel arrangements can be complicated and that’s where we step in.  All of the hotels that we offer in Italy we have personally visited and we know the staff personally at these hotels.

It makes a big difference to know before you go and that’s why we go everywhere that we recommend, so you can make sure you have an enjoyable and memorable stay during your holiday here in Italy!

Fore more recommendations, tips and advice as to where to stay in Italy, get in touch with the experts:

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