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Places in Italy Now Over-Run with Tourists: Know When To Go & When To Stay Clear

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Italy is no doubt one of the most beautiful places in Europe, however the sad reality of the situation is that many destinations in Italy are now completely over-run with tourists during the peak seasons which include June, July, August & September when the cruise-ships bring massive numbers of visitors into the ports and cruise ship passengers swarm the areas in the masses, but it’s not only cruise ships that are the culprit here.

Now, Italy as country is looking to take measures in order to limit visitors, particularly in areas like the Cinque Terre national park, Venice, Florence, the Amalfi Coast & Capri.

The sad reality is that most visitors to Italy only hear about these places and so many visitors end up only wanting to go to these destinations, but with so many tourist, the question becomes: is it pleasurable for the tourists themselves?

This is where the Italy Education Center is taking action helping to educate travel professionals all over the world, about what sustainable tourism is and what it entails   We believe that education is the key!

In the upcoming months we will be posting more about time-tables and measures that Italy is implementing in order to protect these important cultural and environment areas from over-tourism.




3 thoughts on “Places in Italy Now Over-Run with Tourists: Know When To Go & When To Stay Clear”

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