You know the age-old expression “When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do”?  Well, one person recently wrote us asking what is it exactly that the Romans do and by the way “How should I dress in Rome and in the other places we will be visiting in Italy?”

This is a great question and one that we hope we can help you with, since our head office is based here in Rome and we are all over the country from the north to the south where the climate differs significantly and clothing trends do as well.

Keeping in mind that you are only going to be here for a limited time we recommend that you travel as light as possible, so that you can  experience some of the best shopping in Italy.  This is the fashion capital of the world and yet there are some INCREDIBLE bargains to be found throughout Italy and we can hopefully give you some great suggestions when you book with us, one of our experts will point you in the right direction no matter what type of budget you have.

Here is a list for our top 10 recommendations for what to wear in terms of travel in Italy”

  1. Simple is best.  Bring basics comfortable articles that are versatile and dress them up when necessary. 

The greatest fashion trends are always timeless and begin with taking care of your body, your skin and your grooming.  Italians put a lot of time into taking care of themselves and in fact Italy is considered to be one of the healthiest countries in the world, with people taking sports and self-care very seriously, simplicity with a touch of elegance, color and sophistication is the name of the game here and the occasion – time of day and weather is going to determine what you wear, however there are a few simple and yet cardinal rules.

Starting with the basics….

Simple BasicaMens fashion casual


2. Footwear Suggestions We suggest you bring:

We recommend always versatile, light-weight and comfortable footwear since Italy is a place where you will be doing a lot of walking and get to some of the most beautiful locations there may be some steep stairs involved. We recommend always versatile, light-weight and comfortable footwear and here are some shoes you will need to have!

  • 1 pair of Flat Shoes
  • 1 pair Running Shoes
  • 1 Pair of Dress Up Shoes for both men and women (either flats or high-heels for women).  
  • In the summer, we also suggest as a pair of flip-flop or a pair of open-toe sandals which are light-weight and comfortable to walk in.  However, Italians make beautiful sandals particularly on the Amalfi Coast or Capri – this is the place to buy sandals and so you may want to wait to get here to buy sandals.  

light weigth shoessandals

3. Scarves

Italians LOVE scarves and you can find beautiful scarves sold in stores and on street corners throughout Italy, but scarves are also so easy to pack if you have some of your own. Light weight, easy to pack or easy to bring home scarves also make great presents for your friends and loved ones!

Stylish Scarf

4. They layered look

In Italy, keep in mind that major sites of interest are some of the world’s most beautiful churches and so you need keep in mind that you cannot bear your shoulders in churches and that shorts for both men and women must come below the knew.

Capri Pantslayer manman casual


5. A light-weight dress for women and dinner jacket for men for the evening that can also – if need be worn for different purposes during the day. 

Green here - dressevening jacket mennice jacket man

6. Capri Pants or Shorts for Men or Leggings for women to be worn with either flats or elegant shoes

7. Sunglasses

Enough said. Italians are the KINGS and QUEENS of eye wear and you can find some great eye-wear pieces for every budget all over the country, although on Via Del Corso in Rome, we think they have the best options for eye-wear anywhere in Italy.

8. Hats 

For both men and women, there are a great assortments of hats to buy while here in Italy and we do not recommend you bringing them with you in your suitcase. You will find them available on every street corner and a variety of stores.

9. Accessories

A nice watch on a man or, necklace, earrings or bracelets which are light and easy to carry. Italians like to overlay blouses or just plain shirts with long-hanging necklaces that are inexpensive and possible to buy all over Italy.

Long Necklace LookLong Necklace Look 2

10. Lightweight hand-bag that can be used during the day or night

During your time in Italy, a bag to carry your camera in, your guide book, sunscreen etc is going to be important and so we do suggest for both men and women to have a bag to carry these articles and something you can stuff your jacket into if need be.  Here are a few examples that can work in both day and in the evening although here in Italy you will surely find your fair share of hand-bags, leather goods and other great things to buy!  Florence is our favorite place for buying leather goods in Italy and we can certainly give you some great suggestions for where to go for unbeatable prices for leather goods in Florence.

versatile bag manhandbaglady

We have a lot of wonderful suggestions for where to get some amazing pieces to add to your wardrobe anywhere in Italy.  You can write us at: or you can contact us via our website:

A few shopping tours we have going on and you can see a couple below, but it’s always best to get in touch with us directly and make human contact!

Exclusive Shopping in Tuscany:

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