Now, after last week’s blog about our first top 5 favorite spa towns in Italy, we wanted to let you know the other 5!

Picture yourself sitting in a natural pool of warm water, alternating between the sauna and a cool shower. All around you is peace and quiet; people who are also investing in their health and well-being. Before too long, your mind starts to calm and you can breathe just a little bit easier…wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to bring in 2019?

Did we whet your palette…because here in Italy, you can experience this at one of the multitude of amazing spas and hot springs.

Italy is truly a wonder to visit all year round, and that does not exclude winter! It’s a magical time full of beauty in culture and land, feasting of heart and hand, and yes…so many amazing spa towns to visit and hot springs to soak in!

Without further ado, here are the other 5 of our favorite spa towns in Italy.

Vulcano Hot Springs & Mud Baths

Vulcano Island, Aeolian Islands, Sicily

The combination of these bubbling mud pools and healing thermal waters makes for a great marriage! Enjoy the exfoliating properties of the eathern mud as well as the mineral rich components of the naturally flowing springs. The springs come from the sea bed near by, and compliment your mud bath perfectly.

Porto di Levante is a beautiful village not too far and there are also lovely hikes to enjoy in the surrounding area.

Terme Lunigiana, Calabria

Located in the town of Acquapessa, these healing springs have been known for centuries to help heal all types on ailments as related to the skin and more. The territory is that of Calabria , precisely the picturesque valley of the river Bagni that flows into the sea at the Scoglio della Regina, a cliff that divides the beaches of the Involvolata and Acquappesa, to the north, from those of Guardia Piemontese, south, in the Cosenza area.

In the very south of Italy, there is a story that boasts there was a Queen who could not have children and these very thermal waters gave her fertility. Just steps from the stunning Riviera dei Cedri, these spas are of the oldest health resort in Calabria. Bring the whole family for a rejuvenating stay.

Viterbo, Terme Salus

Combine relaxation and elegance at this beautiful hot spring resort in Viterbo. A city in central Italy, enjoy the wide array these springs have to offer. From pools of different temperatures, wellness treatments and facials, this spa will surely leave you feeling beautiful and rested.

Lake Garda

The Lake Garda Thermal Park spans over a large expanse near the village of Cola de Lazise. Full of exotic plants, magnolia and old growth trees, it has two lakes with thermal waters as well as hydro-massage swimming pools. With beautiful fountains and an artificial cave, this is a special place to visit. Enjoy the curative effects of the spa while soaking in the rich scenery of Lake Garda. Open all year round and also at night, come enjoy!

Bagno Vignoni, Tuscany

If you visit the wonderful valley in Tuscany known as Val D’Orca, be sure to stop at these thermal springs. With healing waters that have also been known to have therapeutic qualities since antiquity, you will be delighted to visit Parco dei Mulini for free.

Fun fact: Bagno Vignoni was a healing and refreshment point for numerous pilgrims who traveled the Via Francigena on their way to Rome.

Are you relaxed just from reading this already? We certainly hope we’ve inspired you to come see all the amazing hot springs Italy has to offer for yourself. We’ve visited many of these locations personally and have experienced great healing and relaxing benefits in mind and body!

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