4 Reasons to Bring your Family to Italy this Summer

4 Reasons to Bring your Family to Italy this Summer

Is the thought of planning a family-friendly vacation for next year getting you down? Traveling with young families can be a challenge – you worry will they have fun? Will they be welcome? Will they like the food? Not to mention the logistics of getting around!

But the benefits are huge. Traveling increases a child’s confidence, opens their mind to other cultures and languages, and of course, strengthens family bonds. So here are just some of the reasons we think you should consider Italy for your next holiday. And if you don’t think great food, fascinating sites, natural beauty and one of the most child-friendly cultures on earth make for a great vacation, you soon will…

So why Italy?

Reason One

Italians LOVE kids! Being with family is hugely important and Italians encourage happy, noisy children, believe no place should be restricted to them and are extremely understanding of the need for little ones to have the occasional public cry! Wherever you go, you’ll find people interacting with your kids, wanting to ensure that they feel welcomed and included.

Reason Two

Across the country, our amazing guides offer kid-friendly tours to Italy’s major sites and museums. Fascinating stories and treasure-hunts will keep your family entertained as you walk in the footsteps of ancient Romans and powerful popes, through historic cities, up the side of a volcano or into Greek temples – they will never experience another history lesson like this!

Reason Three

Food abroad can be a huge issue, but who doesn’t like pizza and pasta? Especially when you learn to make it yourself! Aspiring chefs can cook up a storm (and a mess) to prepare some of the world’s best-loved meals, while young foodies will have a blast meeting food producers,helping to make mozzarella, tasting Parmesan cheese or hunting for truffles!

Reason Four

Whether your family are nature-lovers or thrill-seekers, Italy has an incredible amount to offer. Miles of coastline means there’s no shortage of sailing, diving, swimming or whale-watching. Up in the mountains, skiing schools cater to learners of all ages in winter, while in the summer months, open spaces and fresh air will wear out the most energetic family members.

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