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Tailor Made Holidays in Italy
Tailor-Made Holidays in Italy

Exclusive & Independent Tours of Italy

Italy may look small on a map, but it is one complicated place to move around in, particularly if you want to see some of the country's most beautiful areas outside of the major tourist areas.  Sure, you can travel by train and easily get between Florence, Venice and Rome by train with the masses and even into the Cinque Terre national park.  However, you cannot access areas like the Amalfi Coast with public transit and you wouldn't want to drive there anyway.  In 2019 they will be banning major motor coaches from accessing this magnificent coastal area.

Many of the major cities in Italy do not allow tourists to drive into or our of them and parking fees are horrendous, sometimes costing over 100 EURO/ a day or more.  So sure, you can rent a car - but even accessing many towns and cities in Tuscany (like Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca, Pisa and many others) is going to be hard.

This is where we come in.  We can help you plan - and advise where you should have a car and where you shouldn't.  The best time of year to go and the times to definitely AVOID going to certain places. 

No question, Rome and Venice are usually what many first time visitors to Italy want to experience, but in these cities as well as Florence, Sorrento, Palermo, Taormina and so many others in Italy, they are not accessible to tourists by car at all - so getting in and out is a real problem and poses real problems for visitors.   

We can assist you with all of your travel arrangements in Italy within reason - and we say "within reason" , because we have the experience . 

We have been designing holidays for visitors from all over the world for over 15 years and we can help you not only save a lot of headache and frustration when coming here, we can save you money too!

We take the head-ache out of travel in Italy by organizing logistics such as a rail, priate transportation, small group or private tours, ferries, inter-europe air, catering and much more.  We offer truly unique and extraordinary experiences at a fraction of the cost and our services can actually save you money!

Here's why it actually saves you money and time to consult with one of our experts:

1) We know Italy and we are here in Italy 
2) We know all of the complications that go into every aspect of travel here
3) We know the best location s
4) We know locals who can make the difference 
5) We get to know you and what your interests are 
6) You can rely on us during your journey here 
7) We can provide dozens if not hundreds of recommendations for regions and towns all over Italy - not just Florence, Venice, Rome or the Amalfi Coast!  If you want to really experience Italy, we can help you in many other areas that the big tour operators don't go to!

We provide free consultations and one of our independent tour experts is standing by to assist you in anyway that we can! 




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Client Testimonials

I went to high school with the owner of the company who organized my honeymoon for myself and my now wife from Tokyo. We spent three short weeks seeing Piedmont and experiencing wine paradise there, then heading to Nice in France with our private driver and flying to Rome where honestly 4 days is NOT enough. They keep saying to spend more time and we could not agree more! You need to spend more time in many of these places. Over the course of our time in Italy we saw so much and loved it all, though Sicily and the Mondello estate they had at us, 2 minutes walk from the prettiest beach in the world was our favorite and Roberto the owners there who know Jess and her team made it so wonderful for us! We are planning on going back and even considering moving to Italy we had such a great time!
- Robin and Kumi Bruun, Tokyo Japan Read More


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